Russian Kobudo Federation

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main1.gifKobu-jitsu or Kobudo (in translation – kobu – weapon, jitsu – art; do-way) – art of using the cold eastern weapons. Kobudo was born on Okinawa Island, and all other techniques had already come here from honorable China. From the very beginning Kobudo was the compulsory educating Programme in the course of studying  Karate, this is mean that all masters in karate fluently used the eastern weapon techniques. Improvised agricultural means of peasants began to be developed in the hands of maters of martial arts as the new protective means for self protection and against attacks with use of weapons.
For example, tonfa had been used as the lever of rotating millstones; Nunchaku – for thrashing the rice; sai – for cultivating the ground; kama used as sickle, for collection of harvest, etc. And masters of martial arts in Kobudo used the same means as weapons, so tonfa was used as mean for protection against sword; with the help of Nunchaku one could struggle against two-three armed opponents; Kama was used as hatchet, and Sai – two were used for the actions against the opponent, and third as dart.

Russian Kobudo Federation

- was organized in 19.07.2003 on the basis of Moscow Kobo-jutsu Federation;
- was accredited by the Moscow Committee on Physical Culture and Sport;
- sole representative of Kobudo on the territory of Russian Federation.
Registration in groups:

Starts the admission of children over 3 years in the groups of general physical training and development

Children over 5 years study techniques of using Nunchaku, falling technique, acrobatics, throw and kick techniques.

Groups for children over 7 years. Separate course for newcomers, as well as prepared ones. In educational programs are included karate techniques, acrobatics, falling techniques, dsju-jutsu techniques, kick techniques. Work with sport Nunchaku and other kinds of eastern weapons. Work in pairs. Kata and kumite (in protective equipment) and many others.

Declares the registration  and admission in groups for adults.